The Happiness Club is an educational, non-profit social group with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy. Positive emotions have been linked in scientific studies with better health, longer life, and overall well-being. Without Health, you don’t have Wealth.

Life is a journey that brings sometimes good, sometimes bad. The Happiness Club is about finding ways to handle the bad times to create a more positive and happy life. When you are happy you can increase your endurance for dealing with life’s problems.


Meet Monthly

The Happiness Club will meet monthly, with one meeting in Palm Beach on the 1st Monday of every Month, and another meeting in Palm Beach County on the 3rd Tuesday of every Month. For May, June and July we will meet in Delray. It’s an uplifting opportunity to make new friends, connect with old friends, chat, and share experiences. Cost for our Happy Hour usually includes passed hors d’oeuvres and one beverage. Meetings always include raffle, surprises and good vibes!

Guest Speakers

Guest speakers are invited each month to tell their story and share how when faced with experiences beyond their control, they made happiness a choice and bounced back from set-backs. Our speakers will inspire you with their often entertaining stories about the challenges they overcame!

Happiness Club Beginnings

The Happiness Club started in Connecticut over 20 years ago and has grown to include a large international following. The club’s creation was inspired by Dr. Bernie Siegel, an internationally recognized expert in cancer treatment and complimentary, holistic  medicine. His book Love, Medicine and Miracles draws upon the powerful connection between emotional and physical wellbeing. Bernie believes in the restorative power of the joy of living and the physiology of optimism. Happiness is a conscious choice and the most powerful skill that can be learned: “Happiness is an inside job.”

It was Lionel Ketchian, who has been dubbed “The Happiness Guru”, who founded and leads the Happiness Club based in Fairfield, Connecticut. He taught a course on happiness at Sacred Heart University and has given health and happiness talks on PBS with Dr. Bernie Siegel. Happiness is contagious.

Finally, we love Birthdays! And Birthdays require celebration and merriment. At the end of each month’s speaker presentation, we will set aside time to recognize and toast all attendees whose Birthday falls within that month. Celebrate your Birthday with the Happiness Club!

We all have stories. Would YOU like to be a speaker or know someone who would? Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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