“Travel is the Secret to Happiness” & “Being Organized for Travel”

“Travel is the Secret to Happiness” & “Being Organized for Travel”
SPEAKERS: Laura Opdenaker & Laura Anthony Johnston
DATE: Wednesday, January 23, 2019
TIME: Reception 5pm, Presentation: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
LOCATION: Bice Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Ave, Palm Beach
COST: Guests $20.

“Science proves that Travel is the Secret to Happiness”
“Being Organized for Travel Reduces Stress and Allows you to Fully Engage”

Experience Travel
Science has proven that Experience Travel Makes People Happy. You are away from the familiar and your senses are magnified. When your senses are heightened, you can have adrenaline filled experiences which are scientifically proven to seal memories deep into our subconscious. These are memories and feeling you will have for years to come. By experiencing other cultures, you open your senses to new experiences, open your mind to new possibilities, and are motivated to approach life in new ways.

After an “aha” moment while travelling in Europe last year and a conversation with Melanie Cabot, founder of Happiness Club of Palm Beach, Laura Opdenaker was inspired to expand her business into “Experience Travel”. Laura is launching “La Dolce Vita Experiences” meaning “The Sweet Life” in Italian, which will offer customized experience visits for small groups of 10 and under, as well as for individuals, couples and friends who wish to step of their “routine” and fulfill their wish, take their “Dream Trip” and create memories, bonds and experiences that will last a lifetime. https://ladolcevitaexperiences.com

Laura is an accomplished event and meeting planner, who has travelled extensively, lived abroad in Mexico, France, Italy and Monaco. She is fluent in Spanish, French and has knowledge of Italian. In 2019 she will be dividing her time between South Florida and Europe. She has held positions and worked with corporations, non-profits and individuals, such as Coca-Cola, UBS, Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, Rockefeller Family and J.P. Morgan. Throughout her career, planning and implementing complicated travel agendas, trips and special visits to foreign countries were included in her responsibilities and personally was the designated travel coordinator for friends and family.

The Happiness Club’s goal is to constantly bring new opportunities to our members that will create Happiness in their lives. With that in mind, we will be offering a special opportunity to our members to join a small group of 10 on a special visit to Monaco in March and/or April for an exclusive insider’s visit. Details to follow at the event.

Organizing for Travel
In preparation for your Dream Trip, it is important to be prepared, organized and efficiently packed so you can fully enjoy your travel experience. Laura Anthony Johnston came to that realization through her extensive travels on her own and with husband and children. She runs a successful organizing business, Clear Desk Organizing in South Florida and Nantucket. While working with clients, she realized there was a need and demand for “organizing for travel” and is currently working on her book. She is happy to share her tips and tricks to preparing, organizing and packing for your next Dream Trip! http://www.cleardeskorganizing.com

Laura has lived overseas in France, Italy and Spain and has a passion for travel and for organizing. She has learned that one thing which has helped her clients get organized is having a deadline, like going on a trip! By getting organized at home before leaving, her clients are able to more fully engage in their travel experience. Nothing makes Laura happier than going on a trip.
Presentation includes Prosecco and appetizers.