Sally Nisberg was diagnosed with triple-negative, Stage 2 ductile breast cancer in 2011. Five years post-treatment, she is cancer free, a fierce patient advocate and working as a  life coach. She walks and talks cancer every day, with friends, family and strangers newly diagnosed as patients ,and sometimes as victims of this dreadful disease. She works as their advocate to help them through the paralyzing fear that often accompanies those words: “You have cancer” to regain the ability to make positive choices about their care and healing, to begin their journey on a healing path.

Sally has written “Live Like Crazy”. This book is Sally’s’ story and her coaching advice – conversations  with cancer patients, their families and caregivers. The intent is to help every cancer patient understand that though their journey will be unique, some experiences are common and will connect them to other cancer survivors.

Sally is an entrepreneur and life coach, active patient advocate and board member of several community groups.

Connect with Sally and join the conversation on Facebook: LiveLikeCrazy.