George Dubec

George Dubec is known to many throughout South Florida as “The Ultimate Networker”. He will speak on “Build a team and you will find greater happiness”.

In today’s world, people are waiting longer to get married and having smaller families or none at all.  Large families are a thing of the past. It is an alarming trend which makes it difficult to have a large group of friends, neighbors and family around. Along with  technology, which pushes us toward being more isolated; the answer is to find and establish individuals who like and respect you as a person, refer business to you and are available for financial, moral and mental support. In essence you need to create and establish your own community, tribe, team or network. To be truly happy it is important to be social; we are social animals and need each other to thrive! Focus on “WE” and not “ME” and you will become a happier person! The most important phrase to learn in building your network is, “How can I help you?”

George Dubec is considered one of the top Internet Marketing Experts in the USA. He hosted and produced the “Internet Business Hour” radio show, broadcast in over 35 markets for 12 years. George is an independent consultant working with top companies and organizations to help them use the Internet to promote their products and services successfully. Because of his years of experience, he is considered a top connector in the high tech world, which gives him access to the best resources available, all the latest cutting edge technologies and up to date programs, systems and software.  George is a nationally recognized speaker on “How to do Business on the Internet” and “Ultimate Networking”.