Our February speaker is Marianne Yost.

Experiencing the pain of heartbreak is a natural part of the human condition, but we also have within us the ability to turn pain and tragedy into a wellspring of strength and positivity. Seven years ago, writer, publisher, entrepreneur and self-described “solo adventurer,” Marianne Yost, experienced the tragic shock of discovering her husband’s suicide. Her memoir, “Getting There,” is a firsthand account of her journey coming to terms with shock, grief and loss, and ultimately redefining a positive new course for her life in the wake of it. Reeling from shock, she recounts a seven-year, globetrotting, PTSD-fueled saga of danger, adventure and healing that included walking across Spain solo on the Camino Santiago de Compostela before settling in Palm Beach to redefine her life as a writer. Marianne will do a reading from her memoir and share some positive life lessons she has learned on the Camino and her journey of life.

Yost is the publisher of THE SOLO GUIDE BOOK for “soloists,” a term she’s coined for people on their own “for an hour, a day, a week or a way of life,” that encourages individuals, whether married, single, local or traveling to enjoy experiences “on their own.” SOLO Palm Beach is the first in the regional series.

Her second book, “Suddenly Single Palm Beach,” described as “Bridget Jones’ older, menopausal American cousin meets Sex in the City in Palm Beach,” is a humorous novel depicting the exploits and foibles of a recently arrived, “fictional” middle aged widow as she tries to learn the ropes of dating and mating “in the beautiful but treacherous, shark infested waters of the Palm Beach singles scene.”

Her real-life blog of the same name, “Suddenly Single Palm Beach,” has had over 20,000 views with an enthusiastic following. Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, it’s an always honest, first person account of her life. https://suddenlysinglepalmbeach.wordpress.com

Marianne was a nonfiction prize winner in the inaugural Palm Beach book festival. In her previous life she has been a Main Street entrepreneur in Saint Michaels, Maryland. She has a B.S. in Business and studied Journalism at Temple University. She has a 28 year-old son who is a media executive in London, and an infamous 14-year old Australian cattle dog known for his bad behavior. She is delighted to have recently taken up playing polo again in her sixth decade.


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