“Joy” is a high, positive energy vibration in life that is intensely creative and is one of many manifesting energies. It can be hard to attain at times, when the storms of life drift into our present moment. However, we know that by surrounding ourselves and our spaces with positive and joyful messages, images and items, that we can harness our thoughts to keep our focus to intentionally create/manifest desires.

Elizabeth will share how to create your own energy defining life.  Learn how a ‘hidden driver’ has been interrupting your life and take back control.

Elizabeth Varian, the Joyful Manifestor, has been intentionally creating since she was around 8 years old. Throughout her life she started learning the principles behind her experiences. She discovered early on that by focusing on creating tools and visuals helped to bring about desired items, people and experiences in her life. Creating and designing manifesting tools became second nature to her. Late 2017, she started creating videos to share her knowledge in a Facebook Group. The teachings have now expanded to a YouTube channel with over 18 hours of free teachings about the three laws of manifestation.

Additionally, having worked in the corporate world, she, also, experienced the differences of being a woman in that world verses a man. Without putting down any gender, she became a cheerleader for women to succeed at anything they desire to achieve. Combining both the love of creating visual manifesting tools and being a cheerleader for empowering women, she created Life Joy Today, Inc. along with the Joyful Living Store. Find all here: http://ljtmanifestation.com