Elaine Pomfrey

Elaine Pomfrey

“Making Happiness a Choice in the New Year”

SPEAKER: Elaine Pomfrey
DATE: Monday, January 14, 2019
TIME: Reception 5pm, Presentation 5:30 – 6:30pm
LOCATION: BICE Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach
COST: $20. Cash Only at Door. Credit Card payments accepted online.

“Creating Happiness through Meditation”

If you are holding your breath waiting for the holidays to end before you can relax, it’s time to learn meditation. If you constantly say to yourself, “Once this [fill-in-the-event] is over, I’ll start taking care of myself,” it’s time to learn meditation.

Why? Meditation gives you a respite from your hectic day. Just 20 minutes provides deep rest to the body. The stress hormone, cortisol, drops as much as 30% compared to about 10% during sleep, according to published research.

Your mind gets a break too. Brain wave activity is increasingly in the alpha frequency which indicates a restfully alert state. After meditation, you tackle problems with renewed energy and more importantly, broader awareness that allows you to create new solutions. And regular practice creates resilience.

“I do it because I’m able to take on so much more when I’m practicing,” said Margaret Duriez, a resident of Palm Beach, TM meditator, mother of four and owner of Lox Farms in Loxahatchee. “It allows me to take on bigger projects because I feel like the stress doesn’t build up. If I don’t practice, I can really feel the difference in what I’m able to cope with professionally and personally.”

If this is the year you intend to learn to meditate, consider the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique because:

  • It is easy. No need to concentrate or count your breath. Even children can do it.
  • Individualized instruction. Personal attention from a certified instructor during and after the course.
  • Evidence-based. Research shows TM reduces anxiety, depression and improves health and brain function.

Celebrities stick with the TM technique year after year as a way to create inner contentment. Learn more about creating happiness through meditation from certified TM teachers, Elaine Pomfrey, M.A. and Ty and Zabrina Brodale, who together run Transcend, Palm Beach in the Palm Beach Towers building. As a group, they have over 30 years teaching experience and 50 years of meditation experience.



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