When Deborah Weed’s husband retired, they piled four suitcases into the trunk of their car and set out for a whirlwind journey around the country. Little did they imagine that what started out as a perpetual vacation would become a spiritual evolution.

While in Sedona, Deborah needed to get a MRI for an existing injury, which included having gadolinium, or a contrast agent put into her bloodstream. The nurse missed her vein and the heavy metal went right into her tissues. What ensued was bone-chilling pain and a mad dash to return to Florida. After settling in Singer Island, bed-ridden and desperate, Deborah went to an acupuncturist who recognized what was really needed… laughter! He encouraged her to take an IMPROV class. At first, Deborah couldn’t believe her ears. How was she supposed to attend a class when she couldn’t even get out of bed? This chain of events led her on a odyssey of realizing how happiness changes EVERYTHING!

As the Founder of the Self-worth Initiative, Deborah will share her heart-rendering story with you about how we can find happiness even in the midst of the obstacles that we all face. Her talk is both experiential and affirming. And, yes… expect to laugh…

Website: http://www.selfworthinitiative.net