“Making Happiness a Choice”
SPEAKER: Christina Cundiff
DATE: Monday, June 3, 2019
TIME: Reception 5pm, Presentation: 5:30pm to 6:30pm
LOCATION: Bice Restaurant, 313 Peruvian Ave, Palm Beach
COST: $20. Cash Only at Door. Credit Card payments accepted online.
“Design Your Mind”

christina cundiff photoAre you concerned about Brain Fog? Forgetfulness? Difficulty getting started in the morning or feeling a lack of connection to others and self? There is hope! Ecstasy Wellness is excited to present “Design Your Mind”.

Christina Cundiff has created a program designed to help you improve your brain power and your consciousness. The time to act is before major symptoms appear, and Christina has research-based strategies that help prevent memory loss, and evidence-based strategies that help preserve cognitive function. Her whole body health strategies foster overall wellness. We are biological, psychological, social, spiritual beings and interventions target all four areas to provide well-rounded support during the most vulnerable years of our lives.

Christina Cundiff is an Integrative Nutrition Wellness Specialist with a decade of experience in the wellness field. She remains dedicated to helping people on their path to ecstatic health and spanning the “information-to-transformation ” gap. Christina’s focus is to help people conquer their memory concerns, brain fog, lethargy, extra weight, aches and pains and reencounter their vibrant mental, physical and spiritual selves. She also speaks to groups on preserving memory and improving brain health. Helping others on their journey to health is her greatest honor. www.ecstasywellness.com