Bimal ShahOur speaker Bimal Shah is the author of “The Daily Happiness Multiplier: Step by Step Systems for using Happiness as a Foundation to achieve what you want in life”

Bimal is the CEO of Rajparth Group of Companies that provide unique and customized consulting to executives and teams of companies to positively impact their bottom line.  He is the author of two books, “The Daily Happiness Multiplier” and “The Breakthrough Accelerator- Part 1 of 13 –So he has 12 more coming.

Bimal’s story began when he came to the United States 20 years ago with nothing in his pocket, worked 5 jobs to pay his own out of state tuition, graduated with $20,000 in savings, rejected more than a dozen job offers after graduation to start his own business, and has been a thriving entrepreneur ever since. He is married for 17 years to his lovely wife Ami and dedicated father to his two daughters after which he named his company.

He is on a mission to build one million daily high performing entrepreneurs by helping them achieve their three year vision in one year through his unique system of coaching, planning, and accountability. His success is founded on three Foundations-Thrive, Transform and Transcend. He wants to share that with the world to empower them with a meaningful life and a passionate profitable work every day.