Past Speakers

Lyn-Dee Eldridge

My mission has always been to “pay it forward” by helping as many people as I can find the greatness within themselves. To reach their full potential of Happiness. To help others enjoy the world in spite of all the craziness! A lot of people are happy, just so stressed. My gift is helping others be even more happier in their lives. We live in a world that is sometimes not so colorful, not so fair and sometimes what we feel as if we are on a dead-end street. Everyone has the right to live; no one should feel as if they are a failure or be told what they are not capable of doing. Everyone has the right to create the lifestyle that they dream about.

My diverse background has given me the experience to help others overcome adversity and have triumphant success. It’s our life experiences that make us who we are today. My childhood was dark and lonely, I was abused by my family members, but I have no regrets and hold no grudges!

So because of the good fortunes I’ve experienced in the game of life, I’ve gone from the very bottom to the top! The one thing that has always been consistent was empowering others to do what I have already accomplished and helping thousands around the world to become all they can be!

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Sally Nisberg

Sally Nisberg was diagnosed with triple-negative, Stage 2 ductile breast cancer in 2011. Five years post-treatment, she is cancer free, a fierce patient advocate and working as a  life coach. She walks and talks cancer every day, with friends, family and strangers newly diagnosed as patients ,and sometimes as victims of this dreadful disease. She works as their advocate to help them through the paralyzing fear that often accompanies those words: “You have cancer” to regain the ability to make positive choices about their care and healing, to begin their journey on a healing path.

Sally has written “Live Like Crazy”. This book is Sally’s’ story and her coaching advice – conversations  with cancer patients, their families and caregivers. The intent is to help every cancer patient understand that though their journey will be unique, some experiences are common and will connect them to other cancer survivors.

Sally is an entrepreneur and life coach, active patient advocate and board member of several community groups.

Connect with Sally and join the conversation at   and on Facebook: LiveLikeCrazy.

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Deborah Weed

When Deborah Weed’s husband retired, they piled four suitcases into the trunk of their car and set out for a whirlwind journey around the country. Little did they imagine that what started out as a perpetual vacation would become a spiritual evolution.

While in Sedona, Deborah needed to get a MRI for an existing injury, which included having gadolinium, or a contrast agent put into her bloodstream. The nurse missed her vein and the heavy metal went right into her tissues. What ensued was bone-chilling pain and a mad dash to return to Florida. After settling in Singer Island, bed-ridden and desperate, Deborah went to an acupuncturist who recognized what was really needed… laughter! He encouraged her to take an IMPROV class. At first, Deborah couldn’t believe her ears. How was she supposed to attend a class when she couldn’t even get out of bed? This chain of events led her on a odyssey of realizing how happiness changes EVERYTHING!

​As the Founder of the Self-worth Initiative, Deborah will share her heart-rendering story with you about how we can find happiness even in the midst of the obstacles that we all face. Her talk is both experiential and affirming. And, yes… expect to laugh…

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Nancy Price

Nancy Price knew about the Happiness Club when she moved to Connecticut after spending her entire adult life abroad with the State Department.  Her sudden departure from her last posting was a sad and difficult time.  Nancy’s husband was the designated employee.  The home that they lived in, the private schools that the children attended, their staff, and the accompanying lifestyle all ended one heart-wrenching evening due to the sudden death of her husband. Nothing was planned.  There was no exit strategy. She was left alone without a safety net.

Nancy’s story is about how she bounced, and did not break from this life changing event. Nancy’s story brought her to South Florida. Choose “Happiness” regardless of the disappointments and tragedies that will face almost all of us in life.

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Elaine Pomfrey

The Science of Happiness.

Our first meeting of the new year will be an introduction to meditation and its health benefits. With the fast pace of modern life, many people feel stressed, tired and unhappy. We can learn how to make 2018 healthy and happy for us.

With the advent of the new year, many people turn to affirmations to improve their lives, for example “I am happy, healthy and in control.” Positive thinking is great, but how long does it last? As soon as the first person cuts you off in traffic? Until you get stuck in a long line at the grocery store? We need a way to create lasting happiness that is not based solely on our thoughts or our circumstances.

Meditation is a way to create happiness from within. The deep restfulness of meditation dissolves stress. You feel more relaxed after just 20 minutes. Research on a specific type of meditation, the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique, indicates a reduction in stress hormones like cortisol by as much as 30%. When meditation becomes part of your daily routine, then calmness becomes part of your daily outlook.

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Dina Schwarz

“Salt Suite” Open House Date: Wednesday, January 24, 2018 Time: 6pm to 8pm Location: The Salt Suite, 5510 PGA Blvd., Palm Beach Gardens Reservations Required Because without Health, we...

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