Past Speakers

George Dubec

George Dubec is known to many throughout South Florida as “The Ultimate Networker”. He will speak on “Build a team and you will find greater happiness”. In today’s world, people are...

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Deborah Hutchison

Gutsy and Happy! Find the Gutsy Gal inside of you! Whether it’s dealing with Life, Love, or Business we all have the power to drive our destinies and be HAPPY! So how might we do it?   Feel...

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Edwige Gilbert

Edwige Gilbert is French, an international Speaker, Life Coach and Author of “The Fresh Start Promise: 28 Days to Total Mind, Body, and Spirit Transformation”. For more than 20 years she has worked...

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Marianne Yost

Experiencing the pain of heartbreak is a natural part of the human condition, but we also have within us the ability to turn pain and tragedy into a wellspring of strength and positivity. Seven years ago, writer, publisher, entrepreneur and self-described “solo adventurer,” Marianne Yost, experienced the tragic shock of discovering her husband’s suicide. Her memoir, “Getting There,” is a firsthand account of her journey coming to terms with shock, grief and loss, and ultimately redefining a positive new course for her life in the wake of it. Reeling from shock, she recounts a seven-year, globetrotting, PTSD-fueled saga of danger, adventure and healing that included walking across Spain solo on the Camino Santiago de Compostela before settling in Palm Beach to redefine her life as a writer. Marianne will do a reading from her memoir and share some positive life lessons she has learned on the Camino and her journey of life.

Yost is the publisher of THE SOLO GUIDE BOOK for “soloists,” a term she’s coined for people on their own “for an hour, a day, a week or a way of life,” that encourages individuals, whether married, single, local or traveling to enjoy experiences “on their own.” SOLO Palm Beach is the first in the regional series.

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Travis Suit

Travis Suit knows time is precious. In November 2011, Suit’s 4-year old daughter Piper was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis, a chronic disease that affects the lungs and digestive system. The median age of survival for a person with CF is the late 30s, according to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. “We try not to live by a clock, but when you’re living with a child with a terminal illness, there is a sense of urgency and an importance of valuing time as a gift.”

Taking action, Travis turned his focus toward becoming an advocate for the CF community and recently created a nonprofit, Piper’s Angels Foundation, as a platform for advocacy and for Piper to become her own advocate. The foundation is developing an innovative program: the “Salt Supply” program is being developed for children and people with CF to participate in saltwater activities because of the incredible health benefits of the ocean. Saltwater activities have been proven to effectively break down the thick, sticky mucus that clogs the lungs, and reduce infection rates to help people with CF maintain lung function and live longer.

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Stella Frances

The Happiness Club is a social group with the mission to promote the benefits of being happy. Positive emotions have been linked in scientific studies with better health, longer life, and overall well-being. Without health, you don’t have wealth.

Stella Frances is founder of Elevated Awareness, and she has made it her mission to spread happiness around the globe. Her presentation this evening is “Success begins with Happiness”. Stella is a passionate speaker, teaching people how to turn their breakdowns into breakthroughs and to help them succeed in their pursuit of happiness. It was through life’s thunderbolts that Stella learned how to adapt to a new mindset.  In doing so, she created a new life for her young daughter and herself. When faced with the breakdown of her marriage, her health, her career, and her financial wellbeing, she realized that in order to survive she had to change the way she was perceiving her problems.  She needed to move out of the “Oh my!…I’m sinking”, into the “Oh my…I CAN break-through this!” To paraphrase Einstein, you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.  When she finally learned how to change her thoughts, she found a world opening up to her.  A new world filled with happiness and success. Helping her clients turn their fears into courage and creating lives they love to live is now her full-time passion. Stella inspires and empowers all those who are drawn to her to live to their highest potential with love and joy.

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Jianny Adamo

Jianny Adamo is this month’s speaker and her presentation will be “You Are Wired To Love & Be Loved Fearlessly”.

Jianny’s professional credentials include LMHC, LPC, and she is the founder of Fearless Love Relationship Coaching and Counseling. With a Master of Arts degree in Counseling from Nyack College, NY, Jianny spent the last 13 years immersed in the study of human behavior, relationship dynamics, and spiritual theory. “As a licensed therapist, I work with my clients to help them see that intimate relationships, although conflicted at times, are nature’s path to healing, personal growth, and happiness.”

 Jianny is a member of the Palm Beach County Mental Health Association and of Relationship Coaching Institute. Her blogs and articles are featured in various publications including and PsychCentral. She’s working on her first book Love Trauma which shines a light on the dangers of loving a dangerous person and outlines common signs, symptoms, and behaviors women and men need to look out for when dating. In her free time, Jianny enjoys dancing Argentine Tango and will dance for a cause to support victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse as well as to support families, children and empower women.

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Edward Rodriguez

For years I have told people that the journey of a 1,000 miles starts with the first step, yet I never took those steps in real life. In 2007 I made myself a promise that I would do whatever I could to share my smile with at least 10 Million people. I thought it would be awesome to have 10 Million and 1 people smiling! “10 Million Smiles From Fl to NY” is a true life story of my 2,000 mile walk from Deerfield Beach, FL  to Manhattan, N.Y. to spread “Happiness Awareness”. With only $200 in my pocket and belief in my heart, I traveled for 277 days, proving that you can take that 1,000 mile journey and double it!

I’m a man that has worked hard all of my life, I have built my life with sweat and endurance. Over the years, I’ve had many challenges to overcome and have met those challenges head on and I won. As a result of those experiences, I created tools that gave me the ability to develop a “Never give up, Never surrender” attitude. Some of the challenges I have overcome in the last three years are: Mismanagement by a business partner causing my business to fail, the death of my oldest daughter, a cerebral hemorrhage and most recently my house being robbed.

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Debby Montgomery Johnson

Debby Montgomery Johnson is a woman on a mission. In her book, “The Woman Behind the Smile” she shares her personal experience with a love that turned into betrayal and financial disaster and she removes the mask of shame and shows others how do to the same. Many of us have something, something we’re hiding, something we’re ashamed of, something that through no fault of our own or through our own making, something that we keep hidden and that,  in turn, keeps us hidden, from each other and the world.

And this is not just a problem for women. Debby was advised by the FBI that more men in Palm Beach than women “get taken” for over $1M! But because no one talks about this openly, the problem, and the scams, persist.

From Vermont and a graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Debby is the President of Benfotiamine.Net, Inc, a vitamin supplement company that provides an alternative for the pain of neuropathy, a nerve disorder (Benfotiamine.Net). Benfotiamine makes an extraordinary difference especially for diabetics and their families.

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Marilyn Murray Willison

This month’s speaker is Marilyn Murray Willison who will discuss the role that “Happiness Consciousness” played in helping her adjust to the losses – both personal and professional – she faced while living with MS for over three decades. Her award-winning memoir, One Woman, Four Decades, Eight Wishes: A Journalist’s Memoir of Challenge, Change and Growth,provides a template to help readers approach their senior years – and the challenges that come with them – with a positive and productive mindset.

Marilyn began her journalism career in the sixth grade when she wrote and mimeographed her summer school newsletter. By the time she was in high school, she was a page editor of her weekly school publication, and at UCLA, she contributed book reviews to the university’s daily newspaper. The author of six non-fiction books, Willison worked as Health and Fitness Editor at the Los Angeles Times Syndicate, and wrote book reviews, beauty, celebrity profiles, fashion, health, and travel articles on a regular basis for the Los Angeles Times.

In the late 1980’s, Willison and her two sons (B.G. and Geoffrey) moved to London where her Fleet St. responsibilities included covering Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew’s royal wedding, as well as interviews with A-list  personalities. During her long career as a journalist, Marilyn’s byline appeared in a wide variety of American and British newspapers, including The Sunday Times of London and The Wall Street Journal.

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